I have extensive experience of working with organisations and initiatives to develop their websites. This means liaising between a website company and technical colleagues to identify the purpose of the website, the key audiences it is intended to reach, and the style, look and feel. I also write the content for the website pages, and news items and advise on and source imagery if necessary.


I have recently worked on two major websites:


This was a great project working with a large team across the World Bank and the World Health Organization. UHC2030 is a multi-stakeholder initiative to promote health systems strengthening for universal health coverage. The website development incorporated a rebranded identity and a transformation from another initiative called IHP+. So it was not straight-forward as we needed to ensure that we still spoke to previous audiences and yet appeal strongly to new ones. It was also a bi-lingual website, developed simultaneously in French.

We held a workshop with the technical team and the brilliant website company Liquid Light. We decided that we wanted a dynamic home page, and a ‘hub’ style website, where people could immediately find the different elements of content.

This included technical information about health systems strengthening, advocacy about universal health coverage, reports and publications, news, events, and meetings. Liquid Light developed the website and I wrote the content. I continue to write the content and news items for UHC2030.

Health Systems Governance Collaborative

The Collaborative is a new initiative designed to encourage strong participation and engagement between people around the world working on health systems governance. It was particularly interesting to work with this dynamic team, as the website needed to be highly interactive and participatory, so we explored ways to do this.

We collaborated with a website company with expertise in developing interactive websites, and identified the ways in which we wanted to firstly draw people in and then engage them with particular topics and discussions. We decided to start with a bold question on the home page to immediately get attention and encourage understanding that this is a place to get involved.

The website was launched in December 2017 and is still under development, but we are expecting it to be fully interactive very soon.