I’m Alison Dunn, Director of Write Space.

I have a background in participatory communication in development and health and believe strongly that communication should be engaging and multi-directional.

As a consultant, here’s a summary of what I can offer you:

  • Communication strategy development and implementation
  • Creative thinking and application of engaging communication projects
  • A collaborative approach to identify priorities that fit within your budget
  • Project management
  • Strong writing and editorial skills
  • Connections with a range of external creative companies.

I spent several years working at community level in Burkina Faso, using participatory approaches such as theatre, film and sport to support the implementation of vital community projects for women, school children and disabled people.

Today I work from the UK with NGOs, UN organisations and universities and often with clients at the global level on complex multi-stakeholder projects. Throughout my work, I still find that principles of participation and engagement in communication are the most effective.

I now have 19 years experience in communication for development, working on a wide range of projects, trans-disciplinary research programmes, and multi-partner initiatives. I was also Editor of Health Exchange magazine between 2009-2013.