Advocacy materials

While successful advocacy happens through varied political processes, clear communication materials for advocacy can be a strong complementary tool. I work with clients to support their advocacy work, by producing communication products which carry strong messages and calls for action.


Poster campaign


When the International Health Partnership + (IHP+) asked me to work with them, it became clear that the initiative’s goal to ‘improve effective development cooperation in health’ was not widely understood and was quite challenging to communicate clearly. Yet the case needed to be made.

I worked with an illustrator to produce a set of hand-drawn images and created a poster: ‘Something needs to change’.

We produced the posters for both Africa and Asia with appropriate imagery and they proved popular as a strong visual tool to communicate a complex issue.

IHP+ ‘seven behaviours’

During an international workshop in 2013, a set of ‘seven behaviours‘ emerged which were to encourage development partners to better harmonise and align their development support for health in developing countries.

The official ‘seven behaviours’ were quite lengthily described and technical, so I worked on some clear communication around them.

I reduced the amount of text, introduced a simple graphic device and produced a range of outputs such as posters, and some handy-sized postcards which people could easily carry or pin to a wall.

The posters – combined with the seven behaviours communication – supported the high-level advocacy efforts of the initiative.

Advocacy Brief

The Integrated People-Centred Health Services team at WHO needed to communicate their new framework to policy makers. I worked with the team to develop a communication strategy, and to write a set of key messages for use at country and global level. As a result of this collaborative process, we produced a four-page advocacy brief for policy makers.