Research communication

Research communication is one of my favourite areas of work, as understanding technical research and translating findings into accessible communication products is both challenging and fun. I work closely with individual researchers and research teams to identify their particular communication needs, build a strategy, and implement communication activities around a long-term research programme or unique research project.

I have worked on several multi-year, multi-disciplinary and multi-country research programmes since 2003 for a range of universities including the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and the Institute of Development Studies at Sussex University. I’ve also worked with the Wellcome Trust on their international public engagement with health research programme.


Wellcome Trust 

I was delighted when the Wellcome Trust asked me to hold a creative writing session with scientists at a workshop on public engagement with health research. I worked with a group of scientists from Thailand, Kenya, Vietnam and the UK on using more creative ways to write about their work. We used stories, metaphors and turning points to explore key aspects of community engagement with science. This was part of a bigger process during the workshop to look at the intersection of art, creativity, participation and research. I also documented the workshop and wrote the final report: Community engagement under the microscope.

Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

I was the communication consultant for four years on the T-REC project; this aimed to improve local research capacity on blood transfusion in Africa. I worked with the teams in the UK, Zimbabwe and Ghana to communication the research process, and findings. Here’s a policy brief I wrote describing the work and outcomes.

University of Finland

A researcher approached me to ask if I would help communicate his recent research on the determinants of health and perceived health in Afghanistan, Armenia and the Russian Federation. This is the policy brief I wrote based on upon several research papers.