Infographics can be a great way to communicate complex data and messages. I work with clients to identify whether content is appropriate for an infographic and if it is, how to tell the story of the data. I liaise between technical colleagues and designers to find words and imagery that work well for the content. It’s always an interesting challenge to simplify complex information and stay truthful to the meaning.


I recently worked with the Health Financing Policy team at the World Health Organization to produce an infographic about the relationship between government spending on health and health outcomes. This was to support the dissemination of a major report.

The work involved writing, discussion about visual concepts and ‘to and fro’ between technical and design elements to strike the right balance of correct data communicated visually in a clear way.

Brilliant designer Jennifer Rose worked with us to produce the infographic below. We also used extracts of the images on Twitter cards and postcards to reach other audiences with the report’s findings.