Communication strategies

I work with teams to develop communication strategies for projects and initiatives in global health and development. Often these involve a wide range of stakeholders, across different countries and regions. I’ve been involved with developing communication strategies for research programmes, multi-stakeholder initiatives, and multi-country partnerships as well as distinct projects which require a strong communication element.



In 2017 I managed the communications for UHC2030, a global partnership to promote universal health coverage, with a focus on strengthening health systems. UHC2030 is a multi-stakeholder partnership and includes national governments, development partners, civil society organisations and philanthropic organisations.

It was a challenging project not only because UHC2030 involves so many different global and national stakeholders. This was also a transformation from the International Health Partnership + which focused on solely on effective development cooperation.

This dynamic context meant exploring communication approaches that still spoke to existing partners, yet which also attracted new and potential partners to join the global movement for UHC. In addition, we needed to communicate both the transformation process and the broader technical agenda for health systems strengthening with its multiple facets and actors at work.

My job involved working intensively with the core team at WHO and the World Bank to create a re-branded identity for UHC2030 and manage the development and writing of the new website, launched in May 2017. We had several workshops to identify communication approaches, drawing in external consultants and designers to support this complex process.

In collaboration with WHO and the World Bank, I worked on a comprehensive communication strategy and implementation for 2018-2019 to support the overall work plan.

Integrated People-Centred Health Services Framework

In 2016 I worked with the Service Delivery and Safety Team at the World Health Organization which ‘Supports countries in moving their health systems towards universal health coverage through increased access to safe, high quality, effective and people-centred and integrated services’.

My job was to develop a communication strategy for the Framework on Integrated People-Centred Health Services, as efforts and momentum for implementing the framework globally and nationally picked up.

Working closely with the team to understand the issues they faced, I developed a communication strategy including a comprehensive set of key messages for use at global and country levels and a unique identity within WHO brand guidelines. This was a great project and close to my heart with its focus on citizen engagement and participatory approaches.  Here’s an advocacy brief, one of the first outputs.